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The public agency is required to grant or deny access to a governmental record no later than seven (7) days after receiving the request. If requestor did not provide a name, address, telephone number or other means of contacting the requestor, the custodian shall not be required to respond until the requestor reappears before the custodian seeking a response to the original request.

Under OPRA, a custodian must deny access to a person who has been convicted of an indictable offense in New Jersey, any other state, or the United States, and who is seeking government records containing personal information pertaining to the person's victim or the victim's family.

If the government record is in storage or archived, the requestor shall be so advised within seven (7) business days after the custodian receives the re-quest. The requestor shall be advised by the custodian when the record can be made available. If the record is not made available by that time, access shall be deemed denied.

If you wish to challenge a custodian's decision denying access to a public record, you may:
  1. Institute a proceeding to challenge the custodians decision by filing an action in Superior Court in New Jersey; or
  2. File a Complaint with the Government Records Council in the Department of Community Affairs.

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